Wednesday, July 26, 2017


In the USA, back to school day is associated with labour day. Usually this period is celebrated from mid July to mid September, wherein there are back to school sales throughout the country. From clothing to school and office supplies, one would be spoilt for choices by looking at the tremendous sale all over. The family at cutebabybuy realises the importance of this day which is why our site offers special discounts on a variety of products. Education is an extremely important part of every individual’s life. Special emphasis is laid on every child’s early education because it acts as a huge aid in their growing years. 

Good education signifies power, power of knowledge. At cutebabybuy we encourage parents to educate their little ones and ready them for the outside world and its challenges. The products we sell at Cutebabybuy ensure you the best quality at affordable prices. Education is not only every child’s fundamental right, it is also a basic necessity to sustain in this world. 

To encourage people in that direction and constantly motivate them to reach new heights, we have come up with our grand back to school sale at cutebabybuy. From notebooks to pens to art supplies, we have made sure to cover a variety of products and sell them at discounted rates. Back to school marks the end of holidays, a period of sheer fun and happiness for kids. It is this time that the kids look forward to the entire year, and we are here to make their year a lot more interesting.

Let us make them happy and mark a fun beginning to their academic year by gifting them from our range of products. Not only academics, we believe art, too, plays a significant role in shaping the child’s future. Our range of art supplies is sure to melt your heart. Teach them the important quality of organising and maintaining their daily stuff with our products. These little habits of organising colors, books, stationery material and more, goes a long way in helping the child understandcute the importance of possessing organisational skills and applying them wherever necessary. Little drops of water fill a large pond, similarly, these little habits play a massive role in creating individuals that can contribute immensely to making our country a better place to live. Let us pledge to make this world a better place. 

Surf through our range of wonderful and pretty products that go a long way in making your child a highly aware and responsible citizen of the country. The cutebabybuy family wishes your child all the luck for a fun-filled academic year ahead.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Even when it seems to be a daunting task, it’s not an easy cup of tea for the selecting the right and the best toy depending on your child’s age. But, if that’s the question, then you should consider these tips to choose the best toy and games products and fetch a value for money.

The first tip that you should never ignore is reading the package. The images printed on the box would make you understand what’s included inside. This is to keep your baby safe from products and at the same time promote the overall development of the toddler. When you baby develops a skill to take care of playhouses or tiny pieces of furniture, you should be aware of the fact that little lamps might end up in causing a choking hazard. It’s always the case with plastic phones once kids nibble at it.

Don’t trust on the hype about best selling toys hitting the shelves. It may or may not be the perfect toy for your little one. Let your baby’s interest guide you to look for something different when she is not that old enough to perceive with a broad mind. Remember, for girls you could buy stuffed animals which boosts her skills in a much better way. But, for boys, small cars would make him confident as he paces ahead with a lifestyle.

Never go beyond your limits. Adhere to certain rules as well as values. In case a toy creates a negative impact on your little one, then you shouldn’t plan to buy it. Just as other families have their own concepts in their minds, you too should be one among the rest. But, you should give a second thought that the toy is the child’s best friend to chisel him to a confident man for tomorrow. Check out something by being ahead of time when you know that your baby grows at a faster pace day by day.

Never overload your house with millions of toys that give ultimate entertainment to your little one. Make a choice carefully and understand what your baby needs for a busy and happy day. You would never know when you might go crazy after colorful toys and eventually burn a hole inside you wallet. Keep in mind that a few toys makes for a day and a long lasting effect rather than junky ones stocked up inside the closet.

Lastly, you need to think apart from what’s usual. When the sole purpose of buying toys is accomplished, you can encourage your kid to think creatively during playtime. Who knows when your son or daughter would be able to define what’s best for a pastime.

So now that you know everything, we would leave it to you. You can take your baby along with you and go window shopping in the market. Alternatively, you can shop online toys and games through several E-commerce platforms.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


If a tedious task like purchasing a stroller is worrying you too much, then you needn’t navigate ahead. Here are some tips which attempt to demystify gear products like strollers that would make you sure that you have got your money’s worth. 

It’s important to consider maneuverability when you are buying a stroller. When you visit a store, you should think about a stroller which secures a single hand grip while pushing the buggy down the street. You can then use the other hand to do something else during such an instance. Check if the gear product is equipped with a high-quality curb. This would surely enable you to direct the front wheels up with little effort as you come across a bump on the road. In case you have no clue about the functioning of the component, then place a heavy weight on the tray table and try lifting the pop. This assures you with the extent to which the buggy can endure weights. 

Once you are about to give birth to a newborn baby, think of buying a buggy which can accommodate another infant which you might think of nurturing later in the years to come. Instead, such products last long because a second seat can be attached later. Ensure that there’s ample cargo storage place to keep things so that you always need. Do keep in mind to scan the product from top to bottom for a sturdy framework and adjustable seats. Remember, your baby would be growing each day as time flies by. 

Don’t expect that all strollers are based on the same design. Each model is built for a different purpose. While full-size strollers give utmost safety to lie the baby flat or push back the seat to an angle to experience outdoors, travel systems have a large canopy along with plenty of space for sufficing your storage needs on the go. All-terrain strollers have three wheels to make the feasible to walk or jog while moving around in a tranquil atmosphere. Shop online gear products so that you can choose an appropriate stroller.

Never forget to think about the care that needs to be taken while selecting a feature rich stroller. It’s not at all difficult to maintain the product. Make sure that instructions have been furnished for smooth rides and to maintain that working condition. In short, you need to check whether or not the tires are inflated and the brakes are lubricated on a regular basis. Surely, chances of accidents would never be encountered.

Lastly, even when the stroller looks trendy be certain that it doesn’t excite you. Do check if the lap belt is attached well to the stroller seat or frame and if the product can balance itself properly on a flat area. Check if the locking mechanisms are tight and that the brakes function as they need to be. Never buy a buggy which is manufactured before 1985. This is because these products are not in accordance with the present Canadian safety standards.

Friday, March 24, 2017


Once a baby is born, many guests gift parents with baby clothes, but as for the size, it might either be too long or short when the clothes are worn. With this kept in mind, we have some smart tips for you to buy baby clothes. We hope that you don’t get confused when you have made a purchase along with the best baby products.

The first and foremost tip that you should consider is a size. Select something that is surely ahead of the baby’s age. Do understand that babies grow quickly and clothes might then look short at that point of time. If the cloth is designed for an infant who is 9 to 12 months old, then consider it for a 6-month-old baby. The season in which you buy the clothes is not very important. Check for something that can be worn any time of year, be it spring, summer or winter. 

Go shopping for clothes on days before you anticipate that your child would be growing ahead. Check for exclusive discounts on best gift baby products at the marketplace. Alternatively, you can browse through online E-commerce platforms to get a better idea of what suits your style and the baby. Opt for sale rails where you can grab deals up to 50% off. Be finicky when purchasing a babywear. There’s no sense in getting something jazzy when you know that the quality is bad and it might fade away sometime later. These are not worth owning even for a fraction of the cost. But if tempt keeps you going, then you need to make sure that you have chosen the right brand but at the right and affordable price. Branded outfits are recognized for their quality and durability. We suggest that you speak with your mates to know more about what to buy from a store. After listening to reviews and their experiences, you can make up your mind to choose the best.  

When it’s time for getting footwear, check for the baby’s feet. The main purpose of providing warmth and comfort shouldn’t be forgotten. Instead, you should keep in mind that even when the baby doesn’t know how to stand he would not need socks for protection while running. Try taking the infant while shopping clothes. Post confirmation of the clothes, ensure that the socks fit well and are not that tight to make the baby uneasy or even cry. After all, you always wish your baby to be joyous all day long when he is out of the womb and it is a new phase of life. 

Lastly, you would want your baby smile when you have got something extra. So, browse the wide range of top selling baby products online or at the shop in the city. For instance, a soap that you would avail free of cost on certain products. You can ask your friends about the best E-commerce store to buy baby products.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


Choices galore when you are seeking a disposable diaper for your baby. From the first glance, it’s impossible to judge a diaper on parameters like absorbency, comfort level, or the price with which is has been tagged. Leave behind the guess-work and go through these tips for you to select one of the best disposable diapers.

Before making a purchase, it is essential to consider your needs and the priorities that you might have noted down. Ask the seller to hand over a few diapers of a certain brand. Avoid buying in bulk until you are convinced about the performance and the quality. It’s convenient to shop online diapering products so that you can get them delivered to your apartment.

Parameters to consider

Whether it’s a disposable or a cloth diaper, absorbency is what needs to be searched for in diapering products. Absorbency is nothing but a measure of the amount of liquid which the diaper can hold. It determines how well the diaper is soaked and the extent to which the moisture is held away from the baby’s skin. In case the liquid is not wicked away completely, it might result towards causing rashes on the infant’s skin. Ensure that the diaper is void of internal air spaces and is packed from all corners with Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP). Such a kind of polymer is considered to be a safe component when urine and fecal matter is absorbed till it gets trapped in the core. 

Comfort Level
Consider buying a diaper depending on the infant’s weight. However, the size varies just like clothing stitched for the infant. Check it the diaper has a double sealing edge, one at the surface while the other just above the core. Though there are many brands with such type of layers, not all of them score high on a leak test. On observation, some of them were soft while the others were stiff which led to discomfort. Never select a brand which includes synthetic chemicals in their products. This is because it might give way to allergies since the tender skin is highly sensitive. If you are thinking about the budget, then never think about buying diapers dabbed with a pleasing scent. No matter how far the mess might go to, continue changing the diaper rather than making the area smell good through a fragrance. Make sure that the fasteners are easier to handle and can be unlocked quickly whenever the need arises. 

Why cloth diapers?
As compared to disposable diapers, cloth diapers could be the best choice when you think about an eco-friendly environment. Moreover, they are inexpensive and reduce health hazards. On the other hand, disposable diapers don’t decompose easily and tend either to cause soil or air pollution. You as a mother can make cloth diapers all by yourself when you are free from the household chores. Once these diapers are stitched, they can be washed and dried instantly. 

Monday, March 20, 2017


When you as the mother are searching for things that your kids while preparing him for school, then it’s time get going with these things. It’s otherwise a pain to search the town for things which would make your kid happy and help him stay organized as he is about to go to a nursery school. Here are top 5 essentials that you might be compelled to buy for your little one. Add spice to his learning and education.

Colorful backpack
As it has always been an instinct, colors either make a child cry or bring a smile to his face. When you are about to buy a colored backpack, opt for a light shade. Moreover, think of purchasing a bag with a strange cartoon printed on it. It could either be a Walt Disney character or someone funny like ‘Pokemon’. Ensure that the straps can be adjusted when heavy books are stashed inside the backpack. If you are easy on money, then it is better to buy a bag filled with colored pencils, crayons, a decorative eraser and most of all a book for to paint his thoughts on paper.

Colorful water bottle
When you choosing a water bottle, make sure that the bottle is of moderate size. Be certain that bottle doesn’t augment towards the weight but is just sufficient to carry enough amount of water. Do keep in mind that the size is neither too small nor too large. In order to avoid leakages or spillage of liquid, check the lid before making a purchase. Moreover, a plastic flask is feasible and much easier to carry than a metallic container. As far as the strap is concerned, it should be tight and prevent the bottle to slip off due to the weight.

Eye appealing lunch box
As you try out accommodating things while you buy one of the carrying cases at the shop, a lunch box should be considered as an important item. Needless to say, an eye appealing lunch box would surely encourage the boy or a girl to open it and relish his food. As for the lid, it must be tight enough to prevent food particles to seep out from the box. If you are busy as a bee all throughout the day, then you could browse through some of the school supplies available online. This would broaden your options and aid you to add something trendy into your shopping cart.

Whether it involves doodling or scribbling something creative, no kid can do away with a notebook. These can either be hard bound or spiral bound if you desire your kid to pace with the modern times. It is suggested that you buy these notebooks in bulk from shops located near your home. You can then avail exclusive discounts or offers on such type of purchases. But, if time is what is keeping you from stepping out of the house to shop in the city, then think about buying through online portals.

Pencil Case
Last but not the least, a pencil case can never be forgotten. It’s something to accommodate a decorative eraser, plastic ruler, and obviously pencils. Though budget matters, a big case can help to share your love and affection to your little one in a much better way.

Friday, March 17, 2017


Is it tough for you to deal with your little one’s health when you are aware of the fact that your child is going through a curious phase? Then here are some measures that you need to take when healthcare is concerned. As you little one grows with confidence, you need to supervise while he or she starts to explore more around him. Here are some measures that you need to take before your kid gets caught in a dangerous situation.

When you know that the child is not even a toddler, you should set rules and regulations. Ensure that these rules are enforced. For instance, they could be something like ‘Don’t climb the ladder.’, ’Don't hide underneath the couch’ or simply ‘Stop fidgeting with things kept on the dining table’. It would be better if you could explain to him in a polite way of what might happen later. Teach your little ones with some basic rules to be followed while at home or school. You could probably help him understand the consequences through pictures and images. Visual content aids towards understanding the message quickly. It is a mode which draws the attention within no time.

Think about inculcating healthy habits which curb the risks of the child falling sick. It could be washing hands before lunch or dinner, or avoid nibbling on things lying on the floor. Explain to him the effects as well as the results that he would face later in future. Expressions put forth in easy to understand language can help to convey what you are trying to speak. If it’s any sort of object that’s bothering you too much, then think of an edible substitute which closely resembles the way the object tastes. Shop online health safety products for your little one. 

Do your homework well. Keep everything away from the kid’s reach. It could be storing repellents in cupboards which come with a lock or safeguarding electrical outlets with the help of safety covers. Such an act would evidently speak about how much attention do you pay to your responsibilities. Ultimately, as a parent, you should leave no doubt while playing your role. Never forget that you belong to a cultured household. It’s you who would finally be happy when your child behaves the way you preferred it to be.

If it’s swimming or riding a tricycle, then you should tell him what he should not do. This would help him master the sport or activity well and develop those skills which he had not explored ever before.

At the end, you should consider improving the immunity system through vaccines. Make sure that the risk of getting infected with diseases is minimized by vaccinations. You can’t deny the fact that a tender child is prone to suffer from sickness even when it seems that the environment is fresh and vibrant. It’s never too late for anything.